Monsters for January 20

The next 2 monsters are some of my favorites.

Plushie with pocket / Turquoise plush monster / Monster plushie with pocket / Gift for children and goofy adults -Turquoise plushie OPI

This monster comes from the Etsy shop HagerdesignAtHome. I love this monster because it looks like its hiding behind the pocket. Its so cute! Its also a great gift for a little girl learning how to use a purse.

The creator also uses the word goofy in the title. I think that word describes it well.

Here’s my monster

Cute Monster Hat

This is my favorite monster hat so far but I’ll be making lots more. It was tons of fun to create the face, especially the two eyes. This hat is available in adult, child, and baby sizes.


Monster for January 19

Monster Alien Felt Puzzle Children's Toy Game

This monster is from the Etsy shop Lilliannamarie. This is another great idea for kids. I fabric puzzle is much safer for babies to play with and harder for rough children to rip. There are tons of other fabric puzzle and toys from this shop. Check it out.

Here is my monster

Amazing Monster Sports-fan Hat

My Mom says this monster hat looks like Spiderman. I guess you can imagine Spiderman eating your head when you see it.

Monsters for January 18

Stuffed Monster Plush, Felt Monster Plush, Alien Plush, Cute Plush, Felt Stuffed Monster

This monster is from the Etsy shop MoffitPlushCo. This shop has lots of other monsters and animal plushies. I chose this one because it is so cute! It has three eyes and is still adorable.

Here’s my monster

Its supposed to look scary but it looks so cute too.

Monsters for January 17

I got way behind because I had to work extra hours at my job for the last few days. But I’m back and I have a lot of great news for the end of January.

Monster Story Stones

These monsters are from the Etsy shop BlueSkyesAhead. I think this is such a great idea for children. It encourages them to think outside the box and enjoy some less expensive toys.

Here is my monster

Striking Sports-fan Monster Hat

I finally got a human model for these sporty monster hats. It looks like the hat is eating his head. It was also very fun to make.

Monsters for January 16

GRUBBLEFUZZ new monster plushes by David Stephens (lime green)

This monster is from the Etsy shop AllHandsProductions. His name is Grubblefuzz. To me he looks like a mix between Kermit the Frog and Cookie Monster. To learn more follow this link:

Fearless Sports-fan Monster Hat

This monster is from my shop. He doesn’t have a name but he’s still cute. To learn more follow this link:

Monsters for Jan. 15th

CUSTOM PAJAMA EATER Monster - ***Soft and Cuddly - Adorable - Great Gift - Functional Too!***

These monsters are from the Etsy shop Seedsof3. They eat your pajamas apparently. I think this is a really cute idea for kids. They can use it as a pillow and a place to keep their pajamas. Kids can also pretend the monster is eating their pajamas. I know I would have had fun with one of these.

To learn more follow this link:

Amazing Monster Sports-fan Hat

Here is a monster from my shop. It looks a little like spiderman. I wasn’t going for that so it came as a fun surprise.

To learn more follow this link:

January: month of monsters

I’m going to start doing something a little different. Instead of just showing items from my shop I’m going to show items from other Etsy shops too.

Each month will have a theme and I’ll show items from my shop and other shops that follow that theme. It will add more variety and be more fun to look at.

I should have started this on January 1 but I didn’t think of it until today.

January 14th monsters

Stuffed Animal Monster Cute Plush Toy Monster Kawaii Plushie Softie Midnight Black Pink Snuggly Cuddly Faux Fur Creature Botanical Print

This little guy comes from the Etsy shop FluffyFlowers. He is so cute! To learn more about him visit:

To see the Etsy shop where he comes from visit:

Here is one of the monsters from my shop:

To learn more about this monster or see my shop visit:

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