The colors of the yarn I use

One of my customers was asking to see what shade of gray I will use for her order. It occurred to me that other customers will ask similar questions. I better be prepared to show what yarn I will  use for each order. So here are pictures of each yarn I use so you can see the color, shade, and hue:


Guide to sports hat styles

There are 4 different styles to choose from when you buy a sports team hat.

1. regular monster
2. regular
3. popcorn monster
4. popcorn

What’s the difference between them?

The difference between a hat with a monster and a hat without one is pretty obvious.

Eye-catching Sports-fan Hat
no monster
Die-hard Sports-fan Monster Hat

But what’s the difference between popcorn and regular? What’s that even mean?

Popcorn and regular refer to the stitches used to create the hat.

 This hat was completed in regular stitch. Knitters call this stitch stockinette but it is the most common stitch used so I call it regular.

 This hat was completed in popcorn stitch. Can you see the difference? Regular stitch is more smooth while popcorn stitch is more bumpy. Again knitters will call this the garder stitch but it looks like popcorn to me so that’s what I call it. It’s more fun to say popcorn than garder anyway.

Here is a hat from each of the 4 styles mentioned.

Popcorn Monster
Bold Monster Sports-fan Hat
Regular Monster

I hope this helps you decide which style of hat to buy. You can always ask questions if you’re still confused.

What’s this Blog all about?

I created this blog as a companion to my Etsy shop. On Etsy I can show and sell my hats but there isn’t a way for me to answer questions, include activities, or tell stories about my hats.

In this blog I tell stories about each hat, show activities you can do related to my shop, answer questions, give instructions, and basically do whatever I can’t on Etsy.

What is Etsy? is a wonderful website where crafters can sell their handmade goods. Every item on the site must be handmade, vintage, or a tool used to make crafts. I hand-knit all of my hats and sell them on Etsy. If you want to see more handmade goods please visit Etsy. There are a lot of talented people out there and you won’t believe what they can do until you see it for yourself.

My hat sizes

Now that you know how to measure you head you can find your hat size. If you don’t know how to measure your head click here.

Size medium: 18 – 21.5 in (46 – 54.5 cm)
This size fits most adult women and children starting at 2 years old.

Size large: 21.6 – 24 in (55 – 61 cm)
This size fits most adult men.

These are the two most popular sizes and they fit the majority of people. If you need a hat for a head that is smaller or larger than these sizes please follow this link and click on the “Request Custom Order” button in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Don’t worry, custom orders are priced the same as similar items in the shop.

How to measure your head

What does it mean that this hat fits heads that are 21 inches (53.3 cm) in circumference? How do you find out if this will fit your head? Well here’s how:

1. Get a tape measure

2. Wrap it around your head like in the picture.

3. Remember how many inches (or cm) your head is.

See my next post about my hat sizes by clicking here.