Purple and lavender woven hat

Royal Woven Hat (slouchy beanie style)

I love the contrast between a light shade and a dark shade of the same color presented together. I call this hat a “royal” woven because back in the day that rich purple color could only be worn by royalty. Its almost like wearing a crown when you think of it like that.

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Blue and blue woven hat

Beautiful Woven Hat (slouchy beanie style)

I love this hat. You can’t go wrong with blue. It goes with just about everything. I especially love this angle of the hat where you can see each woven square shrink as it comes to the center. It looks like a complex geometric pattern only found in an advanced geometry class but its a hat.

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Hot pink and chocolate woven hat

Stunning Woven Hat (slouchy beanie style)

What could be more party themed than hot pink and chocolate? (For a girl’s party anyway.) I struggled to come up with the colors for this hat. I wanted to use the brown yarn I had but it didn’t seem to go with anything that well. I didn’t think it went with the pink either but I gave it a whirl and it turned out so nice! These colors went perfect together. I tried something new with the top of the hat and got a wildflower shape. You can see it near the top of the picture. You will also notice that the woven squares get smaller as they come closer to the wildflower in the middle. This was the first time I tried that too.

I took so many risks with this hat but it came out so beautiful that it has become one of my favorites. I’m not always that lucky but I’m glad it worked out this time.

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Green and green woven hat

Gorgeous Woven Hat (slouchy beanie style)

This hat was partly inspired by cucumbers and partly inspired by St. Patrick’s day. I love that a cucumber is dark green on the outside and light green on the inside. There aren’t many foods found in nature that are different shades of the same color inside and out.

St. Patrick’s day is coming in about 3 months so I guess I’m getting into the spirit early. This hat actually got me thinking about making a whole shop section on holiday themed hats. We’ll see if that goes anywhere.

Anyway I just love the color green.

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Yellow and white woven hat

Breath-taking Woven Hat (slouchy beanie style)

I really wanted eggs when I made this hat. I was out of eggs and I didn’t have time to go to the store so instead I knitted this hat. Odd that a hat this pretty would be inspired by eggs. It turned out so much better than I expected. Maybe I should knit when I’m hungry more often.

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Turquoise solid color woven hat

Incredible Woven Hat (slouchy beanie style)

This is the only hat I’ve made that is all one color. I saw that turquoise at the store and it was so pretty I knew right away that I wanted to do an entire hat in that color.

I love how it turned out. It looks like a crafted turtle shell.

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Gentle Pink and Gray

pi gy 3pi gy 1

This hat has some of the clearest pictures. I love how it turned out. What’s unique about this hat is that the buyer has the option of adding their own ribbon to it. That’s actually the result of an accident. I left holes in the hat for a ribbon but I forgot to put the ribbon in before I took pictures. The pictures turned out so nice I didn’t want to take them again so I gave customers the option of adding their own ribbon to the hat. Its amazing how much creativity can result from an accident.

Yes the hat is being modeled by a blue balloon. Human models are hard to come by because they need to be paid somehow and they work on a schedule. I wasn’t sure if the balloon would work as a model but it turned out really nice. You can still tell the size and shape of the hat from the way it covers the balloon.

Deep blue and dark red

db red 2

I didn’t choose the colors for this hat. I don’t know if I would have put dark blue and dark red together on my own but it turned out great. The model of the hat was my roommate and she picked out the colors. She is a bit shy so she agreed to model several hats for me if I gave her that one for free. She also came up with the idea for making the brim one color and the main hat another. I wasn’t sure if those colors and that style would look good but it turned out wonderful!

Black and White Beauty

whi bla 1

This is one of the first woven hats I ever made. I had just moved to the big city and I was inspired by the sophisticated look of the clothing and the buildings. I was accustom to living in a small town. The shear size of the buildings, the fashionable clothes, the lights, the sounds – it all inspired me to create this hat. My favorite thing about the big city is the public transportation. No matter how many times I get on a train or a subway I still love it.

A special thanks to the model. She is not a professional. She was actually my roommate but she did such a great job you would think she was a natural.