Featured in the RAW art show


My knitted hats will be featured in the RAW artists show in Salt Lake City on Feb. 19th from 7pm to 12am.

I am so excited to do my first RAW art show!

RAW is a huge art show that takes place in over 60 different locations worldwide. It features artists in illustration, fashion, music, film, photography, performing arts, make-up, and hair. RAW features a lot of new artists like me that are trying to get established in the art world. It is a huge boost to new artists because it allows them to sell and get exposure. To learn more follow this link.

It seems hard to get in the RAW show so I was really surprised when I got in. I am so excited! I can’t wait until the show!

If you want to see me or all the other artists at the show follow this link to buy tickets.


Knitting in the hospital

My friend told me to post this story because it demonstrates how obsessive I am.

Once I had an emergency and had to stay at the hospital for a few days. I didn’t have my knitting with me and I was bored out of my mind. I got so desperate that I took a roll of paper towels from the supply closet, tied them together, and started knitting them with my fingers.

Other patients and nurses kept asking me what I was doing. When a teenage girl, who was also a patient, asked me that I answered with “I don’t know but the voices in my head are telling me to do it.” The look on her face was priceless 🙂